2019-10-21 16:55
(PHOTO: Rhythm City Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 19:00

Channel : E TV 

Date: 23 Oct- 29 October

Rene and Mark decide to go public.

Kea jumps to her own conclusions about Gift.

Lefa leaves a mysterious package on his teacher’s desk.

Rene and Mark’s lie is made public at a press conference.

Gift makes Mapula an offer. Fats gets himself into trouble.

Mark moves in - and is offered more than he bargained for.

Mapula accepts Gift’s offer.

Hawk and Fats organise a boxing tournament.

Rene is putting herself at risk with Mark in more ways than one.

Mapula is pulled deeper into Gift’s web. Mapula takes her guilt out on Banele.

Kop agrees to be Jafta’s trainer.

Rene is told her problems are only just beginning.

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