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2019-10-28 14:55
(PHOTO: Rhythm City Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 19:00

Channel : E TV 

Date: 30 Oct-5 Nov

Rene and Mark’s engagement goes viral.

Jafta has a lot of work to do.

Mapula is forced to give in to Gift again, while Blossom’s party carries on without the woman of the moment being present.

Rene tries to ask Mark the difficult questions.

Rene tries to patch things up with Pearl as Blossom suspects Mapula is up to no good.

Jafta gets into a fight with Sabelo and Mapula takes out her guilt on Banele.

Jafta nearly comes to blows with Hawk.

Rene is getting more pressure over her marriage to Mark, while Rene and Mark meet with Home Affairs - and it isn’t what they expected.

Banele asks Gift for a job.

Jafta sees conspiracies everywhere.

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