2019-10-25 18:16

Airing : Weekdays 19:30

Channel : E TV 

Date: 30 Oct-5 Nov

Things come to a bloody head when Loyiso stands up to a bully.

Layla rewards a habitual corner cutter for legitimate hard work.

Kgosi falls out with a friend over money.

Boniswa and a loved one have a terrible new sin to try and hide. 

Dintle's celebration comes with a sting in the tail. 

Kgosi finds himself having to juggle more and more balls.

Xoli finds it hard to keep on the straight and narrow even with help from a close friend.

Quinton tries to help a friend with their financial situation, but fears it may be too late.

Two friends find themselves bonding over a situation that could spell the end for both of them.

When days are dark, friends are really few as Dintle finds out the hard way.

Meanwhile, Phindile learns new information about Lindiwe and goes in search of her.

The stage is set and plans are in motion, but will people buy into the accident fixed up by the now complicit duo.

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