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2020-01-15 16:06
(PHOTO: Scandal! Facebook)

Airing : Weekdays 19:30

Channel : E TV 

Date: 15 Jan -21 Jan

Quinton is overwhelmed by a devastating reality and makes a drastic decision.

Yvonne finds something which makes her realise that things aren't as they seem.

Kabza and Kgosi get out of a sticky situation with some quick thinking.

Dintle's bombshell has a surprising effect on a pair of old lovers.

Yvonne and MaBetty have a long overdue conversation.

It looks like Javas may have a lead on an ongoing case.

Quinton is furious when he becomes aware of an inflammatory attack on someone close to him.

Phindile finds that being a leader brings with it many chal-lenges.

New tests deliver shocking new results for someone very close to Quinton.

Yvonne tries to readjust to life after her emotional experience. 

Javas gets a solid lead from a surprising source.

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