2019-06-20 14:41
(PHOTO: Isidingo Facebook)

Soapie: Isidingo

Airing: Weekdays 19:00

Channel: SABC 3

Date:26 June - 02 Jul 2019

Lincoln has a very unexpected visitor.

The full might of the law closes in on Anja.

Sibiya's friends rally around to help him pass his entrance exams.

Lincoln blames Ntando for putting Olivia's life in danger.

Wendy tries advising Anja but her words fall on deaf ears.Sibiya is late for work but Phindile understands.

Lincoln is left speechless by an old flame's grand gesture.

Anja faces the worst weekend of her life.Sibiya gets too big for his boots.

It seems there's a new sheriff in town at the penthouse much to the bemusement of Nina.

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