2015 saw Lele Ledwaba live her worst nightmare

2015-12-27 10:00
Lele Ledwaba (Twitter)

Johannesburg - Rhythm City actress, Lele Ledwaba lived any person’s worst nightmare earlier this year, when she was allegedly beaten by a Metro police officer.

In August Lele shocked fans across the country when she highlighted claims of alleged police brutality against her. Lele was left reeling in shock months after the incident.

The actress was allegedly beaten by the female police officer, for apparently yielding at a stop sign, instead of stopping. Lele’s two-year-old son was in the car with her when the incident occurred. She apparently tried to protect her son, but claims this made the officer more violent.

Months later Lele had heard nothing about the assault charges she laid. Lele grappled to come to terms with ordeal that left her fearing for her life and has been undergoing therapy to put it behind her.

At the time an incredibly traumatised Lele explained to The Juice about how she was allegedly yanked out of her car, her arms were twisted behind her back, while her baby screamed for her. But she was not allowed to hold or pacify him. “How dare she, as a woman, be so heartless, cruel and evil? He’s just a 23-month-old baby, who wanted his mother…I’m his mother and I had a right to hold him. I told her that if she was arresting me then I would be taking my baby with me, but she wouldn’t even let me hold him,” Lele said.

Here's hoping 2016 brings better things. 

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