3 reasons we can't wait for Umlilo's return tonight!

2016-03-21 12:00
Khanyi Mbau (

Johannesburg - The last season ended on a real cliffhanger. So, it's no secret that most of Mzansi will be glued to their screens when popular drama series, Umlilo makes its return to the TV box tonight.

For many fans, the four-month-long wait for the show's return has probably seemed like an eternity. But with such a stellar cast, and a few surprises ahead on the show, we're sure it will be well worth the wait.

Do you want to know how we know? Well, we've taken a young peek at some behind the scenes snaps of the show and here's three quick reasons why we think it could be the best season yet.

It already rules social media

When it comes to creating buzz on social media, it doesn't come much bigger than Umlilo. The show's season two finale last November saw the show shoot up the Twitter trends list, and you don't need a Gupta to guarantee that it will return to the list tonight.

It's going to feature Queen Khanyi!

Not only does the show have some of the strongest talent in the country, including Nomzamo Mbatha and Omuhle Gela, but it will this season be joined by a host of new faces, including our very own Khanyi Mbau (more on that here)!

My Saturday morning be like.... #GRINDLIFE #umlilo 21 March!! #highsupremedab #honorabledab #legaldab

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Grab a seat, Umlilo has just gotten hotter.. You and me, Monday night 21:30 21st of March, Etv.. Deal? #EVOLVE #??

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The show's sets are out of this world!

While most episodes are shot mostly in a studio, the new season of Umlilo promises to feature, among others, scenes in a mental institution and a famous police cell!

Which should make for some really kick-ass scenes!

Catch the debut of Umlilo season 3 tonight on at 9:30pm.

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