4 reasons Connie is the coolest granny in the world

2015-10-01 08:00
Connie Ferguson (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Connie Ferguson is one cool granny!

The popular actress recently became a granny to a beautiful baby boy (more on that here) and, like any proud granny, she can't stop talking about him and showing little Ronewa off. 


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So ,here's four reasons why we think she holds the crown as the "coolest granny around."

She doesn't dress like a granny

She may be the self-proclaimed "Glamma" but anyone with a little bit of fashion sense can tell that Connie is one stylish granny. From lighting up the red carpet, to taking a stroll around the block, Connie is always fashionable.

Take Care! Garnier!

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Prized Possession!:-)) Blessed!

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She's totes a household name

Life is always so much better when everyone knows your granny's name. Connie is a household name in South Africa, known for her years of acting on telly. In fact, she's so good at pretty much everything she touches, she's probably got a cabinet full of awards. All of that makes for a #ProudGranny.

She can get Ronewa in the industry...if he wants

It's because she's such a big name that Connie is in the best possible position to help little Ronewa get his big break. Of course, Ronewa may not want to be about that life, but at least he knows if he ever needs to get into the industry, he has an A-class mentor in his gran.

She could hook him up with the coolest freebies

If Ronewa ever had to go to one of those fancy dinners or work events, he can always take his granny along as an A-list plus one. And if either of them are too busy, at least she can get him some really awesome freebies! Who knows, maybe she's even be able to introduce him to his future wife one day. The lady is well-connected, after all.

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