4 times Jo-Ann Strauss made us really broody

2016-03-30 07:00
Jo-Ann Strauss (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Former Miss SA, Jo-Ann Strauss is just about to pop! So, why is it that many of us feeling like we're the ones who want to give birth?

The media mogul and TV personality is expecting her second child any day now and has been posting snaps of herself going about her everyday duties while heavily pregnant.

That's all good and well, except for the fact that her posts have the potential to turn a cactus broody.

We've already told you why we think she's probably one of the most radiant mommy-to-bes EVER (more on that here) but here's four quick reasons why we can't help but feel a little bit of pregger-envy when we see her on our feed.

She still works out and looks good! 

9 months into a pregnancy and you will most likely find us in bed, giving into our never-ending cravings. But not Jo-Ann! She's still going hitting the gym and making sure her body looks good. We can't even get our butts to gym when we're not pregnant!  

Pregnant and still looking like a Miss SA

Her days of wearing the Miss SA crown may be over but Jo-Ann still looks like she could enter the pageant tomorrow and win it!

Can't wait to welcome one of the gorgeous finalists to our sisterhood of @official_misssa #MissSA #misssa2016

A photo posted by Jo-Ann Strauss (@jo_annstrauss) on

She still leaves cute love letters for her man

We know it's natural that your thoughts will turn to family when you are pregnant but we still find it incredibly sweet when Jo-Ann pays tribute to the father of her children. Like, in this most recent post:

She's already picked out her little one's one wardrobe.

When your mommy is Jo-Ann Strauss you can rest assured that your wardrobe will be filled with some of the cutest and most fashionable outfits in the world. Just take a look at this little outfit Jo-Ann picked out for her princess. 

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