5 celebs to follow on Snapchat

2015-11-14 16:00
Our best snappers! (Snapchat)

Johannesburg - Nevermind Instagram and Facebook, our celebs are taking a liking to Snapchat - in a big way!

In case you didn't know, Snapchat is a social networking site which allows you to post videos and pictures. The trick is that they are deleted after 24 hours. So, not only does the user determine the amount of time a snap can be viewed for (2 seconds even) the image or video is automatically deleted after 24 hours.

Last week Snapchat revealed that daily video views had increased from 2 billion in May to 6 billion in October, which to put it simply, means that more and more people are watching videos on the site.

To make things even more fun, Snapchat has added cool filters and awesome editing options, like fast-forwarding and slow-motion.

And our local celebs have joined the craze. Here's five of our faves to follow. Why? Because it really is a hilarious look into their lives that you don't get any where else...

                                                        Our fave local snappers (In no particular order)

Handle: Poppyismyname5

Snap status: She posts, like, all the time

Funny? Hells yeah. Poppy has conversations with herself, which, well, make us feel normal. 

Handle: PearlThusi

Snap status: She goes through phases, but when she does snap she makes us giggle

Funny? Want an inside look at her life? Follow her now!

Handle: lunga_S (Lunga Shabalala)

Snap status: He's also on and off, but tends to get in a few controversial snaps (Think Loyiso Gola on Cassper comments)

Funny? Funny and yummy. Lunga does enjoy showing off those abs.

Handle: Djzinhle

Snap status: Zinhle is relatively new to snapping, but boy, it's all about baby Kairo.

Funny? We're obsessed with the cute vids that she posts of baby Kairo.

Handle: Baileyvanilla (Radio presenter Bailey Schneider)

Snap status: If there's a local queen of snapping, then Bailey is your girl. She's addicted and so are we.

Funny? Yes! Bailey snaps about everything and anything, even while she's at the gym. Whether you know her or not, following her is a must.