5 secrets Twitter taught us about Queen B

2016-03-04 14:00
Bonang (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Just when we thought we knew all there was to know about our Queen B, a Twitter chat with fans threw up some surprises!

Bonang has never been one to share all the details of her life, but obvs that's the exact information her fans want to hear!

And, so being the good sport that she is, Bonang graciously took to Twitter this week to respond to all her loyal follower's questions. Or, as much as she could manage.

Some of the answers were obvious, others were quite interesting, but here's five things we learnt from the chat:

If she wasn't a celeb she would totes be a teacher

She's taken

She runs to her man when she needs comfort

Bae is so much better than Kanye!

Sorry, but babies are not in her plans.

She would leave South Africa if she got the right opportunity

Thanks, Bonang. We feel a lot closer to you now.


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