5FM's Vic Naidoo: I thought I was going to die

2015-11-12 13:43
Vic Naidoo, Carmen Reddy (Instagram)

Johannesburg - 5FM's Vic Naidoo has described how he thought his life was about to end after being held up by a group of armed men at news reader, Carmen Reddy's Centurion house last night.

Carmen is currently in hospital after being shot in the shoulder after the men entered the house and held them up during Diwali celebrations.

Speaking exclusively to The Juice, Vic says what was supposed to be a night of celebration quickly turned at around 9:30pm.

"We were literally sitting and eating when Carmen's mom looked up and said, 'No, but who are you?' I saw a man walking towards us slowly. He had a balaclava on and a gun in his hand. He was walking so slowly," Vic explains.

The 5FM DJ says Carmen immediately started screaming. It was at that point he says three other men entered the main area of the house from the direction of a bedroom. "A guy came to me and pointed a gun to my head. He forced me on to the floor."

Vic says that the events after that are a blur, as he kept his head down and his eyes closed. "I didn't want to look up. I thought If I look up and see the guys face, he would kill me. They kept on telling Carmen to stop screaming. Another friend who was also there, was also screaming. Carmen was saying 'please don't hurt us. Please don't shoot us.'"

It was at that point that he heard a gun shot, but didn't know what had happened. "My head was down. Afterwards, my friend who was there actually told my mom that she thought I was dead. I was just quit. I kept on thinking that these men were going to rape the girls. They didn't ask for anything. They didn't want to know where money or jewellery was. They just kept on saying 'keep quit.'"

Vic says that the men left and it was at that point that Carmen calmly said, "Guys, I've been shot." There was blood everywhere and she was rushed to hospital.

"The worst part is that despite the screams and gunshots, because it was Diwali, nobody picked up on anything. It's a gated housing estate and it's just very odd that the only thing they took was my cellphone. There were luxury cars parked outside and they didn't take it."

It's understood the police are investigating all possibilities, including a case of attempted murder as no goods were taken from the home.

Carmen has undergone surgery, but while her scars heal, Vic says the emotional wounds won't disappear any time soon.

"I keep having flashbacks of the guy coming towards us. He was walking so slowly. He was so calm and was taking his time. I'm sad because I get to go home and my friend is in hospital. She was so strong though. She's... just so strong."

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