8 epic moments from the #EAfricaParty you have to know about

2016-02-12 09:00
The #EAfricaParty (The Juice)

Johannesburg - We've been waiting for a turn up and our friends at E!Online brought it. Hard. From an actual fashion show with an entire collection from Gert-Johan Coetzee, to Bonang Matheba walking the ramp and Riky Rick giving the BEST performance, let's just say it was a late one.

To make things simple, we've narrowed down the best 8 moments from the #EAfricaParty. All of the data is 100% worth it. Got it!

Boity Thuli survived the party and this white dress.

Bonang made fun of D'banj.

"They're having a second season of E! News Special - Africa and guess who is first? D'banj. They had to go and do that to me"

The Queen B had all her workers hover around her.

B gets down with Danny K...

Thando takes to the stage. Nails it. (After-party vibes)

Thando and Boity get all touchy. Then formation. (After-party vibes)

ChianoSky gives us a taste of her moves. (More after-party vibes)

Riky Rick encourages the best dance-off ever.