AKA's bod is better than yours! And he isn't done yet

2015-10-27 14:00
AKA (Instagram)

Johannesburg - It looks like all those gym seshs are working out for Super Mega!

The rapper has never been shy to offer his opinion, but strangely he's been a little more nervous to show off his bod!

Who can forget how AKA was abused and called "fat" on social media earlier this year (read more about that here) after showing off those abs. It seems like AKA may have taken that to heart and decided to hit the gym to shut up those haters for good!

Well, now it's summer and time to show the world what all those crazy gym sessions (take a peek at some of them here) have been doing to his body!

"Not quite there yet .... But definitely in better shape than a lot of you bums," AKA captioned the picture.

And after a long lazy winter, he might just be right...

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