Amanda du-Pont hits back at hate on Instagram

2015-10-19 13:55
Amanda du-Pont (instagram)

Johannesburg - Actress and TV personality, Amanda du-Pont, has hit back at haters on Instagram, including Instagram itself, after a steamy picture of her bum went wrong.

Amanda had fans in a tizz over the weekend when she posted this bootylicious snap with a caption saying her bae thinks her hair is growing. 

This is not me, please read post above??

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Fans quickly responded to the post, lambasting her for showing off her bum, saying she was "looking for attention."

Amanda changed the snaps caption to explain that it was not her in the picture (not that many of her fans believed her) and then posted a snap of herself topless, ranting about those who hated on her and their perception of morality.

Point proven!! On heritage day I posted this picture (unedited) to celebrate my culture and people had it reported and Instagram had it removed. I posted it again and same and my caption specifically explained it was a celebration of heritage day. Our culture and heritage is shamed upon but posting sexual butt pics has had no Instagram report what-so-ever. Where do our morals lie. We have become so westernized and have a warped perception of what is respectable. The previous post also had a specific description of spending time with bae and still it wasn't reported. And then that picture gets comments like I'm desperate, I'm a whore but Instagram lets those comments rock. Anyway I have made my point and unfortunately that last picture is not me I would love to take the credit but we all know I don't have a butt like that. Hopefully someday lol working towards it????that picture was taken off the internet.

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We guess the haters have never seen Amanda play Lelo on Skeem Saam! That girl can be dangerous! Pasop!

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