Anele Mdoda is back on the grind

2015-10-17 20:00


Anele Mdoda (Twitter)

Johannesburg- Anele's return to the airwaves was received with much excitement from her fans. 

The radio personality gave birth to a baby boy, Alakhe-Ilizwe two months ago. (Read that story here

Anele told The Juice that she's happy to be back and that the love from fans has been great. 

"It's nice that people were so excited about me returning to work. I think most of my listeners love listening to the stories that I tell, and they missed that. I love telling those stories and doing what I do, so it's great," she said.

It's no secret that mom's can easily be compared to be superwomen or multi-taskers of note. 

Anele's take on it all is that she also doesn't believe that being a mom and working is a "juggle." 

"It honestly all just happens naturally, and it's not like I switch off from being a mom when I'm at work or vice versa," she explained. 

Well, we're stoked to have you back!

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