Cassper on his big dream and all the beef

2015-10-13 14:54


Cassper Nyovest (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Rapper Cassper Nyovest held nothing back during a tell-all press conference on Tuesday morning. 

The rapper bared his soul by answering all questions surrounding his career and personal life in the past few months. 

It's no secret that Cassper and AKA have been making headlines for the past few months in an ongoing public feud, with both rappers releasing diss tracks aimed at each other. 

#FillUpTheDome is to inspire

In just over two weeks Cassper's dream of #FillUpTheDome with 20 000 fans is set to become a reality. The rapper is determined to do something that's never been done in the history of hip-hop. 

"Fill up the dome started with a dream, and through it I want to inspire the 'African kid' to believe that you can do anything you dream of if you have faith," said Cassper. 

The rapper added that he's  been blown away by the response to the upcoming concert. 

"When I first announced my intentions, people laughed at me. But all the negative comments inspired my fans to prove the negative comments wrong," he explained. 

The Doc Shebeleza rapper also revealed that he is set to lose money from the show, but says that it will all be worth it if it serves to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

"Filling up the dome costs 4.8 million. Ticket sales amount to 3.8 million. I'm losing money from the show, but how many kids am I inspiring?" Cassper says. 

Set to join Cassper on 31 October is Anatti, Riky Rick, Major League, and Black Motion. 

I don't condone violence at all

Over the past few weeks, the entire country has watched AKA and Cassper openly fire shots at each other through diss tracks, but Cassper says that this is all part of hip-hop. 

"The beef between AKA and I has created a buzz around SA hip-hop, there's no doubt about that," he said. 

Cassper added that because they're competing with each other, it always motivates them to "not fall off the wagon." 

"AKA puts out great music because he knows he's competing with me. Kiernan may be number two to me, but he's making great music for number two in the industry," he added. 

Just last week AKA fired more shots at Cassper during his interview with Tbo Touch on Metro FM, where he claimed that Cassper has beefed up his security. 

Cassper has dismissed these claims. 

"I have not beefed up my security because I have nothing to fear. I'm from the hood and I've always believed that if you have a gun, you're going to use it one day, which will get you into more trouble. I will never condone violence and am the guy who will apologize if someone tramps my foot in the club," Cassper explained. 

On Bonang and Zinhle...

Even though both Bonang and Zinhle were mentioned on Cassper's diss track Dust2Dust the rapper has made it clear that it didn't come from a malicious place.

"I never said anything bad about Bonang or Zinhle on my track. Whenever I write something, I always go back and double check because I respect women...I was raised by a woman, how can I not?"

Thank you for the love...

Cassper also took the opportunity to thank fans for the love and support they've shown him towards filling up the dome, and is super excited about making history. 

You can still get tickets to the show on 31 October at

We'll be there!