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Cassper's #Ashes2Ashes: I deal with it when I get back

2015-09-18 10:31


Cassper Nyovest (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Everybody has been waiting for Cassper Nyovest to reply to AKA's Composure. Earlier this week, there were false alarms, after Cassper dropped a freestyle to Drake's Back to Back.

But as we reported, and he later said, it was certainly not a reply. Duh.

Now he's trending after releasing another freestyle, #Ashes2Ashes, but again, don't get too excited. And don't let anyone tell you that this is his reply. It is not.

He says at the end of the track "This ain't a reply, but it's coming. You should wait a minute."

Cassper is currently in London as part of a tour and has been splurging big time, buying himself a Rolex watch, valued at over R160K. (Read that story here)

The track, #Ashes2Ashes, is more about how far he has come and the beef in the industry.

"I just landed in Europe and I ain't even packed a toothbrush. And people back home still arguing about who's hot. Last night, I had the pedal to the floor in a Bentley. I used to dream about having a Mini Cooper now,  things is different, I'm trying to move onto better things."

He does go into a bit of the beef in the industry, saying he's here to make music and money.

"I don't like violence. But though I got goons, throw a hundred k to stash moolah like I got you. I'm shitting on the game, boy. You know how my squad do. I just bought a rolli on the way to the bathroom."

He goes on to add that he's always had a target on his back.

"I left the hood and its big rats for mad cheese. But ever since I had hits, niggas had beef. You see, I only call my thugs if it's that deep, cause on my own, I could move a nigga like a chest piece. Loyalty is everything. Fuck with my niggas kow-po... imma put, 7 in your back like Ronaldo. They saying Cassper, this nigga and his whack track now. I'm on top, I'll deal with it when i get back."

Cassper says he is over the beef.

"They grouping against me cause they scarred. They accept that I'm number one. They just scarred that I stay here. The music is spreading like cancer. I'm way beyond the little arguments and short tempers. Yeah. I'm way beyond all this beef shit and who sells more. "

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