Chilli M opens up about losing his daughter

2015-11-09 14:03
Chilli M (Facebook)

Johannesburg - It's been little over a week since Chilli M lost his one-year-old daughter, but it's a pain he will have to live with for a lifetime.

Just as the popular Ukhozi FM DJ seemed to have won his battle with alcoholism (more on that here), he has had to face an even tougher battle after the death of his daughter in a car accident.

Talking to Sowetan, Chilli M recounts how he was returning from a family outing when the car his wife and daughter were travelling in was involved in a collision.

"We were driving to Joburg in a convoy after an outing with family and friends. My wife and two kids were in another car. We split the family (into different cars) because we thought if something happened, we won't get stuck," he recounts. "Little did we know that the separation would kill my daughter."

Chilli says he was leading the convoy of vehicles when he looked in rear-view mirror and saw the accident.

"We made a U-turn, only to find that my family was in that car," he recounts.

Chilli says he is heartbroken to have lost his daughter, but is grateful that other members of his family were spared.

"I am hurting right now because my daughter was just one-years-old," he says. "I am a bit relieved that my wife is recovering and she is out of danger."

Our condolences to you and your family, Chilli.