DJ Tira and DJ Sox are besties again

2015-09-18 18:00


DJ Tira (Instagram)

Johannesburg- After a seven year separation, DJ Tira and DJ Sox, better known as Durban's Finest, are back together and are working on an album. 

The popular duo split seven years ago, after it emerged that DJ Sox was battling an alleged drug problem.

Speaking to Move! magazine, DJ Sox explained that he has been clean for four years now. 

"I made a choice to stay away from drugs and I have been clean for the past four years. Drugs were just a minor setback, but I advise people not to start using them because they might not be lucky like me," he explained. 

Sox added that he's decided to give back and raise awareness about drug addiction among young people.

We're glad that the duo is back in action! And, well done Sox! 

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