DJ Zinhle: AKA is an amazing father

2015-11-06 14:00


Zinhle and AKA (Instagram)

Johannesburg- DJ Zinhle has come out guns blazing against rumours that AKA is a dead-beat dad. 

It seems like Zinhle was responding to the flood of comments, which have been made on social media over the past two days. It all started on Wednesday night after AKA and Bonang's alleged affair became a talking point on social media yet again.

Twitter detectives thought they had joined the dots, after AKA and Bonang both gushed over their spoils ahead of the H&M opening in Sandton City. In their posts they both spoke about their mysterious baes. (Read more about that here

Later that night Bonang and Zinhle faced each other for the first time since Zinhle claimed in a public statement, that Bonang was the reason behind her split from AKA. (Read more on that here

The evening's events caused quite a frenzy among Twitter users, who took to the platform to voice their opinions. Fans defended their icons, while others lambasted them.

Among the thousands of comments people even questioned the type of father AKA is to Baby K.  

But this was quickly shut down by Zinhle, who returned to Twitter on Friday, where she set the record on the type of dad AKA is. 

She tweeted; "I will NOT participate in anything or allow people to paint the father of my child as a bad father. He's an amazing father."

The tweet which has since been deleted quickly caused Zinhle to make the Twitter trends list.
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