Dr Malinga: God has answered my prayers

2015-11-01 14:00
Dr Malinga (Instagram)

Johannesburg - There was a time when it seemed like nothing was going right for music superstar, Dr Malinga.

Before the crazy kicks on stage and buying houses cash, Malinga was a musician with no gigs and a house that was literally falling apart.

"God has answered my prayers bought my house and cars cash I'm not bragging, we call it testimony where I come from but still humble," A tearful Malinga wrote on Instagram this week.

"I wrote this song (Sizophumelela) long time when me and my family was struggling to get food and stuff but God said my child you will make it I've prepared everything for you," he wrote.

Malinga says he decided to work odd jobs at furniture stores and wholesalers to earn enough to fix his house that was falling apart. But the money he earned was barely enough to buy food for his family.

To add to his stress, he says music promoters didn't take him seriously and would only give him shows when most people had already gone home.

"I remember it Mandela's birthday celebration in Hammanskraal I asked to perform but promoter they don't want local artist only national but I begged him then he put me as the last performer but I was not known people then went home and I was left alone on stage," he says.

"But I didn't give I stood and performed for my precious people - security,catering people. Now have most of things I dreamt of," he added.

In fact, Malinga is so humbled by his journey that he has decided to make the song his next single, and has promised to direct a music video that will reflect what the song means to him.

We can't wait to see it!