Enhle Mbali on motherhood and Black Coffee

2015-10-16 18:00
Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Enhle Mbali may have given birth only 3 months ago (more on that here), but by looking at her you would never be able to tell.

She has lost all of her post-baby weight and is glowing! 

The family are naturally shy to talk about their new addition, but recently gave fans a first glimpse at their beautiful baby boy (take a peek at him here). In a quick chat withThe Juice at an event recently, Enhle says she is enjoying everything.

"Things are fine at home. The little one is fine," she tells us. She also reveals that she misses her man, Black Coffee, who is currently on a short trip to Europe.

"I miss him when he is gone, but he will be home soon," she tells us.

Enhle has previously told us that her and her hubby often Skype each other while he is away so that they don't miss each other too much.

Well, Black Coffee might be coming home soon but if you need a babysitter, Enhle, we're totes available!