Flabba Murder Trial: I was terrified so I stabbed him

2015-09-16 16:17
The Flabba Murder Trial (Supplied)

Johannesburg - The Randburg Magistrate's court heard testimony from murder accused, Sindisiwe Manqele, on Wednesday afternoon.

Sindi, who is accused of stabbing rapper Flabba Habedi in March of this year, told the court that the rapper burst into the bedroom she was in with a knife, and after an argument stabbed her in the stomach.

Sindi told the court that Flabba had accused her of prostituting herself on a recent trip to Cape Town, and demanded that she tell him who she was sleeping with.

"He was coming for me. I was terrified," Sindi told the court.

Sindi told the court that Flabba pinned her to the bed with one hand and grabbed a knife he had earlier put on the bedside table. "You will tell me who you are f*cking," she says he demanded of her, as he spat in her face.

"I told him that he was hurting me...I told him to get off me. I was freaking out. He had his body on top of me. He's a huge guy," she told the court.

Sindi says she feared for her life. "He's going to stab me. He's going to kill me," She told the court.

Sindi says that #Flabba rubbed the spit in her face and told her her face made him sick. As she tried to squirm away from him, he stabbed her with the knife.

Sindi says Flabba stabbed her several times but only the first cut was hard. As he was trying to stab her, she says she grabbed the knife with both hands and pushed him away. Manqele says when he stabbed her on her stomach, and she was screaming & begging him to stop. She dashed for the door, but Flabba grabbed her and swung her around, bumping her head in the process.

Sindi says she had the knife in her right hand as Flabba pinned her to a wall and shook her. "I asked him to leave me alone while he was shaking me. In the process I pushed and stabbed him. I was terrified I pushed and stabbed him to get to the door," she told the court.

"I thought if I could hurt him somewhere and distract him, then I could run. I pushed him and stabbed him with the knife," she added.

She says Flabba screamed that she had stabbed him and started staggering backwards. "I tried to hold him so that he doesn't fall," she told the court. She says Flabba was angry and shaking uncontrollably, but she did not put down the knife in case he grabbed it from her. 

Once Flabba was on the floor, she called emergency services and alerted the rest of the people in the house. Sindi says when the paramedics arrived, they pronounced the rapper dead in her presence. "I didn't want him to die," she told the court as she recounted how she tried to resuscitate him. 

Sindi also addressed testimony that she had slit her wrists, saying she slit her left wrist with a bottle in the room because she "couldn't imagine a life without Nkuli."

"I thought I was going to die. I wanted to die," she told the court.

She was later bandaged and then treated for the wounds to her wrist and stomach, she says

Sindi broke down several time on the stand as she recounted the scuffle and the last moments of Flabba’s life.

Flabba’s mom had earlier left proceedings, visibly upset.

Court will resume on Thursday

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