GoodLuck speak out against Xenophobia

2015-10-16 12:00
GoodLuck (Instagram)

Johannesburg - They say you only really understand a crisis until it affects you or those really close to you.

The same might be said of GoodLuck, who this week faced the grime reality of Xenophobia, after their gardener was allegedly attacked on his way to work.

Posting a picture of their gardener, the group's Juliet Harding wrote: "This is Oden. Oden has 'green fingers' and everything he tends to in my garden grows into a healthy and happy plant... In my eyes, Oden works miracles."

"This morning he called me to tell me he had been beaten up while on his way to work by a mob in Capricorn park. They beat him with stones, they hit him with their fits and stole all of his possessions that were on him. They were trying to prevent him from going to work to earn an honest living. Oden was a victim of a xenophobic attack."

The group rushed Odin to hospital, where he was treated for a rib fracture and bad swelling on the his legs and lips. Still, they think the psychological scars may take longer to heal.

"How deep are the scars that we can't see? We have to do something, and to be honest, short or writing a song about it, I do not know what the answer is. But I know that Oden is a good guy and shouldn't have to live in fear each and every second of each and every day. If you have a practical solution to ending xenophobia or known a way that we can help please put your voice below."

"I'm really sad for Oden, I fear for his wife and baby-girl and I am truly hurt and embarrassed by my own people," Juliet concluded.

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