Hugh Masekela stays firm on weave policy

2015-10-21 11:00
Hugh Masekela (Supplied/ Brett Rubin)

Johannesburg- African music legend, Hugh Masekela, has once again spoken out about his dislike of women wearing weaves.

In a strong statement issued on Tuesday, baba Hugh explains why he continues to refuse taking pictures with women who have weaves or artificial hair, and asks that he not be forced into it.

"If you are wearing a weave, don’t be surprised if I refuse to be photographed with you. I will not be part of betraying our African heritage," he writes.

"It would be hypocritical of me to appear in photos with people donning foreign wigs, chemically altered hairdos, and Asian, European and South American extensions, except in cases where my refusal could result in my imprisonment, deportation or demise."

"I do not wish to stop anybody from the choices they make or the cultures they want to serve themselves as fodder for. I am only begging not to be forced to join the dive of the lemmings or sheep over the cliff,” he adds.

Hugh says it is "painful" to sit back and watch high profile women happily wear weaves when it goes against their traditions.

"It is painful to watch government officials, "celebrities" and prominent women in business, media, sports, religion and education wearing these devices with so much deep pride, aplomb and joy – especially the grannies who are at an age where surely nobody is "looking any more," he writes.

"I’m pleasantly surprised whenever I see people of the African female community who look like themselves in newspapers, magazines and journals, on television, in the theatre and at concerts. It is as rare a sighting as an albatross," he added. 

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