Inside Oscar's club brawl! Jared Mortimer: "He was drunk and pushy."

2014-07-15 07:00


In the early hours of Sunday, 13 July, The Juice heard from numerous reliable sources that Oscar Pistorius has been involved in a nasty altercation at The VIP Room nightclub, in Sandton. Here's what we've been told by the parties concerned:


It's been confirmed that Oscar Pistorius had an argument with Jared Mortimer - a fellow club-goer on the night. Although it was the first time they had both met, the two had a lot in common. Jared, friends with Mark Batchelor (who has notoriously had previous conflict with Oscar) claims Oscar was in the vip area of the club, when he entered after recognising one of his mates. "My friend was there with Oscar and introduced us."

Jared says the conversation was cordial at first, with the two establishing that they knew each other and their friends were on opposing sides. "He brought up one of my friends who I don't want to mention. He started talking shit about him and how much dirt he has on him," Jared told The Juice.

Jared admits he was irked by Oscar's 'arrogant' stance on his mate. "He was saying he had my friend's bank statements and a list of transactions. He then went on about how his friends had stabbed him in the back and he mentioned Justin Divaris and Darren Fresco."

Jared says things got tense after Oscar bad-mouthed his mate and after a round of tequila's was ordered, he refused to drink them, saying he wasn't got to 'sit around and listen to him (Oscar) bad-mouth his mate.' When he got up to leave, Jared claims Oscar started poking him in the chest. 'He pulled my neck to talk in my ear - but very aggressively. He said 'I would never get the better of him.' "

That's when Jared says things got ugly. He says that he pushed Oscar, who fell down on a chair. He claims bouncers, who were watching, stepped-in and Oscar immediately left. But that's not all. While Jared admits that he had had a few drinks, he clearly remembers Oscar boasting about his powerful family. "He took out his phone to show me pictures of armoured cars. He was talking about how rich his family is and how powerful they are. He said 'My family owns the SANDF. Zuma works for us. I'll piss on Zuma." He says Oscar was 'wasted, drinking tequila's and was aggressive.'

Numerous sources who were there on the night have confirmed Jared's version of events. It's believed that after the altercation between Jared and Oscar, Oscar was then involved in another altercation with someone else at the club. It was then that bodyguards asked him to leave. Oscar's version of what happened is completely different...


Oscar's spokesperson, Anneliese Burgess disputes the above version of events. She told The Juice that Oscar was there on a quite night out with his cousin. Here is the full statement:

"We can confirm that Oscar was at a night club with one of his cousins. They sat in a quiet area of the private VIP section when they were approached by the individual you have identified as Mr Mortimer. The individual in question, according to our client, started to aggressively engage him on matters relating to the trial. An argument ensued during which our client asked to be left alone. Oscar left soon thereafter with his cousin. Our client regrets the decision to go into a public place and thereby inviting unwelcome attention."

Meanwhile, other club-goers on the night tweeted about the incident. They say they saw Oscar on the night. In addition, there are reports that Oscar was not only with his cousin, but with Guil Yahav. If you remember, Guil was implicated in the murder of Patrick Caetano back in 2002.Guil is the person who Jared recognised and who introduced him to Oscar.

Check it out:





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