Jimmy, Jack P and NaakMusiq fuse on Coke Studio

2015-10-19 21:15
Jimmy Nevis, Naakmusiq, Reeburth, Jack Parow (Supplied)

Johannesburg- The Coke Studio was filled to the brim with talented artists this week as Jack Parow, Naakmusiq, Reeburth and Jimmy Nevis came to studio to fuse.

Here's how it all went down:

 Jack Parow x Reeburth

In one of the most daring fusions yet, Coke Studio brought together an Afrikaans rap sensation Jack Parow and a rock band from Soweto.

Many South Africans are still wondering how either act exists, never mind together!

At first the guys were a bit hesitant to work with the new sound but they soon found a middle ground that not only made everyone happy but made for great music! 

What we loved most about the fusion:

The fusion demonstrated one of the greatest things about Coke Studio: it's ability to take two or more very different genres and have them fuse to create a surprising sound that sounds like a guaranteed chart topper!

Where to get the track:

The track is called Storm and you can get it here.

Jimmy Nevis x Naaqmusiq

It's no secret that Naakmusiq and Jimmy Nevis are two of the most exciting young talents in Mzansi. So when Coke Studio decided to team the pair up in studio, we couldn't help but jump for joy! 

The pair met for the first time and seemed to hit it off straight away. Bouncing ideas off each other until they found a sound that just flourished.

What we loved most about the fusion:

Naakmusiq (aka Anga makubalo) may have made his name acting on TV soapies but he showed that he has the musical talent to match. So, when he fused with the angelically voiced Jimmy Nevis you just knew it was going to be dynamite!

Where to get the track:

The track is called Only You and you can get it here.

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