Kabomo survives nightmare mugging

2015-10-05 14:30
Kabomo Vilakazi (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Kabomo is lucky to be alive after the award-winning Afro-soul singer was reportedly mugged outside of a gig recently.

Talking to Sunday World, Kabomo says that he was due to perform at a club in Sunninghill, when he was approached by a young man asking for R2. He gave the beggar R10, but the man returned with two friends a few minutes later, and the group pulled knives on poor Kabomo.

They demanded all the goods in his car and when, in his frightened state, he could not find his cellphone one of the group pressed a knife against his throat.

"The other one said 'stab him, he's full of sh*t. I felt my body shaking because I thought he was going to stab me. Luckily, the other one spotted the phone and took it. They then left," he recounts.

"The incident has affected my life badly," he says."I don't have a driver's licence. It's such an inconvenience."

Kabomo says he prayed after the incident to thank God for his life and says he will think twice about giving money to strangers again.

So, street beggars across Mzansi better find someone else to help them out...