Kelly K on loneliness and backbiting

2015-09-20 13:00
Kelly Khumalo (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Kelly Khumalo may act like nothing her haters say affects her, but it seems even she has to fight the demons of loneliness and backbiting.

Kelly often speaks to her fans on social media, where many see her as a role model, and the singer took to Instagram recently to have a heart to heart about loneliness and backstabbing with her followers.

"Your surroundings determine your destiny....look around you!!!!! Look again....," she tells her followers.

"Sometimes we get caught up in a moment of fake smiles and cheap compliments and end up seeing that as something worth building a friendship on? Yeyi kahleni bafowethu!....we often over qualify ppl into our lives all in the name of being afraid of loneliness trying so hard to be cool and fit in...the question is, is it worth losing yourself?"

She says the truth is "you are still lonely even when surrounded by the so called Cool friends or cool ppl, the amount of emptiness is so loud you can almost hear a pin drop....what happened to honesty, love and warmth that friendship is supposed to be?"

She says that those friends are often the ones who have "so many words" when you turn your back, that they can be heard from far away.

But Kelly remains determined to not live that life and wants her followers to do the same!

"I will speak my truth even if it's the last thing I do," she tells her followers.

Preach, sister Kelly,...


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