Khanyi Mbau's blog is here

2015-09-16 06:00


Khanyi Mbau (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Khanyi Mbau has started her own blog, which documents the journey she's travelled to change her life around. 

It's no secret that Khanyi's star wasn't always bright. 

For years Khanyi hogged tabloid headlines, and became known as a 'self-confessed gold digger.'

This lifestyle eventually caused Khanyi to hit rock bottom in her personal life, which negatively impacted on her career. 

But the important thing is that Khanyi has clawed her way back into a cut-throat industry, and has managed to reinvent herself as a TV personality. 

Khanyi's blog aims to give fans an insight into her day-to-day life, from exclusive snaps to private blogs, it's all there. 

In one of first blog posts, Khanyi explained how she feels she now owns her name Khanyisile, which means (she who brought light). 

Khanyi explained that five years ago, she attracted attention for all the wrong reasons and now shines for all the right ones. (Check out her blog here)

It's not where you come from, but where you're going, right? 

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