LOL! Watch as Naija star falls off stage

2015-09-29 20:00
Denrele Edun (Instagram/Youtube)

Johannesburg - We've been to some really amazing gigs, but you know it's been an epic show if even the MC falls off stage!

Nigerian TV star, Denrele Edun, is known for his crazy live appearances, but he took it to the next level recently when he fell off stage mid-performance.

Denrele, who recently compared himself to Caitlyn Jenner, was performing his signature hair-whip dance when he fell into a gap and somersaulted off the stage.

Luckily, the only thing hurt in the fall may have been his ego- but even then, we're not sure.

It may not be the funniest thing we've seen this year, but it's definitely up there.

Just PLEASE don't try this at home...