Ma-E: I work hard to make sure my family lives comfortably

2015-11-06 11:02
Ma- E (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Ma-E is known for his unique voice and killer bars but behind the mic, he's is just as much a family man as you and I.

Ma-E is understandably shy to talk about his life outside of Cashtime and the rap game, but in an interview with DJ Capital at CliffCentral recently, Ma-E lifted the lid on his private life - just enough to let us have a small peep inside

"My family is very important to me," he tells DJ Capital. "At home in Soweto, when there is a funeral, I'll always be there to help out. I love my family. That's why I work hard. I work hard to make sure my family lives comfortably," he adds.

It was this love and determination which saw him buy his mom a car.

"It was something I needed to do. I was just sick and tired of seeing her waiting for taxi's to go to church. So I was like 'Here, mama. Go help the other ladies at church," he says.

Ma-E says whenever he goes home he gets "emotional" he becomes more determined to show the world how hard he wants to work for his family. It's something, he says, he tried to convey when he was featured on the reality show, Rap Dad.

Well, if you ever want to invite us over for one of your family gatherings, we're totes in!