Maggie Benedict's sister wants to make peace with her

2015-09-13 11:00


Maggie Benedict (Supplied)

Johannesburg- After years of being at loggerheads, Maggie Benedict's sister wants to make peace with her. 

Speaking to Move! magazine, Nkoni Benedict explained how she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years ago, and Maggie treats her as if she's a complete "mental case." 

Nkoni says Maggie's believes she abandoned their family because she couldn't make it to both their mom and dad's funeral, when she (Nkoni) was living in London. 

"They treat me like a mental case because of Maggie's influence. They make me feel like I'm a danger to everyone. I'm not crazy. I just have a mental condition, which is under control. I seldom experience a relapse because I'm on treatment. When I feel low, I just want to be alone and not face the world. I recently relapsed because I had to change my treatment. I want my sister back in my life," she told the mag. 

Maggie declined to comment on family matters in the media.