Mam'Ruby speaks out about her dramatic weight loss

2015-10-28 09:00


Slindile Nodangala (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Actress Slindile Nodangala popularly known as Mam'Ruby is looking all kinds of incredible. 

But it hasn't been an easy road dropping those unwanted kilos. 

Speaking to Move! magazine Slindile explained that when she got the role of Mam'Ruby a leg injury prevented her from dancing or training, which caused her to become overweight. 

"I loved my character, she inspired many people to feel good about themselves and when she started dating a Ben10 she inspired people to love who they love without fear of judgement," she told the mag. 

Slindile added that she started her weight loss journey in 2013. 

"Losing weight is not an easy thing you can't just start being thin. It's hard work but if you introduce healthy habits gradually it gets easier," she said. 

The actress added that since dropping those extra kilos she feels 10 years younger. 

"Being overweight isn't healthy but I don't think people take it seriously. We need to start making changes and living healthier lives," she went onto add.