Minnie and ChianoSky get their dance on

2015-09-26 17:00
Minnie and Chiano (Instagram)

Johannesburg - They bonded when they flew to London to be part of the #PharrellWithWoolies campaign, and this week Minnie Dlamini and ChianoSky showed us that their friendship is as strong as ever.

Both were invited to the VIP concert on Wednesday night, and immediately gravitated towards each other. And, of course, when Pharrell took to the stage, they danced the night away.

Minnie and Chiano took a vid of themselves showing off their sexy moves.

Check it out here:

Tryna out dance ChiChi @chichi_lingo not winning ?????? love you boo #PharrellwithWoolies #AreUWithUS

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