Nakhane Toure publishes his very first novel

2015-09-14 19:00
Nakhane Toure (Instagram)

Johannesburg - SAMA award-winning musician, Nakhane Toure, has published his very first novel.

Nakhane has been working on the book for some time now, and finished it only a few weeks ago. He finally got a chance to see his baby in its finished form at the Open Book Festival over the weekend.

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"Held my book for the first time last night. That feeling. Wow," he wrote of the experience. 

And it seems the book already has its first few fans, including actress Masasa Mbangeni 

"Fortunate enough to be one of the " early adopters " of @nakhanetoure
debut novel #piggyboysblues. I was obsessed, took it everywhere with me, found myself thinking what the characters were up to while I was shooting on set," she wrote on Instagram.

"The last book that did that to me was James Baldwin's "Giovanni's Room" I can't wait for you all to get your copy so we can discuss it together. I'm also looking for a book club," she added

You can totes join our book club, Masasa, we have the best wine!