12 hilarious reasons people have been blocked by Bonang

2017-04-19 07:24


Bonang Matheba (Photo: Gallo)
Bonang Matheba

Cape Town - We're probably next. 

We should probably start a support group so people can talk about their feelings and stuff, because Bonang is not afraid to use that block button. 

From calling her by her middle name to RT D'banj, we made a list of the craziest reasons people have been blocked by the queen of social media. 

In honour of our fallen brothers and sisters who pursued their dreams and failed miserably, here are 12 things you should probably never ever tweet unless you want to be blocked by the Queen B. 

1. Calling Bonang a "toothpick."

2. Saying Bonang got a Christmas tree while other people got engaged.

3. Engaging in the comments.

4. Laughing at her leg.

5. Don't call her Dorothy.

6. For breathing.

9. Just don't laugh. 

10. Don't engage with an ex.

11. She never forgets.

12. Giving her a compliment.