3000 retweets scores fan a dinner date with Riky Rick

2017-05-29 20:00


Riky Rick
Riky Rick (Photo: Gallo)

Johannesburg – Riky Rick is a man of his word. The rapper promised a fan that he would take her out to dinner if she received 3000 retweets and he is keeping his promise. 

The fan tweeted Riky asking, “How many retweets for us to have lunch?” to which the star replied, “3000.” 

Well, she was able to get those retweets and now she’s getting ready to go on a lunch date with Riky. On Monday the rapper posted a video of himself calling the lucky fan to set up the date. 

“I didn’t think this retweet game was a real thing but @Omuuhles got her 3000 RT so we taking her out for dinner on friday (sic),” Riky wrote.