4 celebs share special moments from their youth

2016-06-16 08:31


Media personality Jen Su has written a book aimed at helping others build strong personalities to brand themselves. PHOTO: DAVE HANN

Cape Town - Happy Youth Day! Celebs share their best youth memories with South Africa. 

We celebrate Youth Day to remind us of the 16 June, 1976 Soweto Uprising in South Africa and to recognise the role of the youth in the liberation of our country.

To celebrate and acknowledge this special day, we asked the stars from Sony Channel (DStv 127) and Sony Max (DStv 128) to share their best memories from when they were younger. And this is what they had to say....

1. Catherine Grenfell - DJ and MC
"My best youth memory is when I used to live at the sea. We used to walk across the road from our house, with the smell of the ocean and eat litchis on the beach. With sticky litchi juice on our faces and hands, would run into the sea to swim and wash the stickiness off."

2. Sasha Martinengo - Hot 91.9 FM presenter and F1 fanatic
"I think my best memories are going to my first F1 GP at Kyalami back in 1978 and also when I was made Captain of my 1st Team rugby side in High School."

3. Jen Su - TV and Radio Presenter 
"My best youth memory was playing the Shostakovich Piano Concerto with a full orchestra in Philadelphia when I was 12. And then celebrating the performance with salt water taffy, which got all stuck in my braces..."

4. Bailey Schneider - Radio Presenter, Emcee, Voice Over Artist, Blogger, Vlogger and Social Media Manager
"My best youth memory is my family vacations. We used to have a home right on the beach front at St. Francis Bay and I loved our December holidays spent there. Bronzed skin, salty hair and and juicy watermelon on the beach! I felt carefree and joy spending time with my family there.”