5 local one hit wonders we still jam to

2016-07-16 10:00


Pitch Black Afro (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – Sometimes artists pop onto the music scene, create 1 track that gets everyone singing along, and then just disappear. 

Staying relevant in the music industry can be a very difficult task, and even though these artists singing careers may not have lasted very long, we still turn the volume all the way up when these jams play on the radio. 

1. 101 – Who’s It Gonna Be

After winning Coca Cola Popstars in 2002, 101 released their hit, Who’s It Gonna Be. Although they released other songs after winning, nobody really knows the words to any of those as well as they know this one. 

2. Bianca Le Grange – Been Around The World

Bianca took part in the first season of SA Idols in 2002, and even though she didn’t win, she released this song a few years after the competition. The catchy lyrics and that pink bikini top got our attention, but the singer disappeared from our radios ever since then. 

3. Pitch Black Afro – Pitch Black Afro

When Pitch Black Afro dropped on the scene with his song of the same name it was an instant hit. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. The kwaito star spent a couple of months in the lime-light and then slowly disappeared off our radars. But that doesn’t mean we still don’t enjoying dancing along to this song. 

4. Ricardo – I Love You Daddy

Fast forward to Father’s Day, and this song is on every major radio station across SA. 29 years later and we can’t help but sing along to young Ricardo whenever we get the chance. 

5. Vicki Sampson – African Dream

Although she is considered a SA musical legend, most people only really know one Vicky Sampson song. African Dream, released in 1997, became an African anthem, with powerful lyrics aimed at uniting our continent.