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5-minute catch-up with Judith Sephuma

2016-09-11 08:00
Judith Sephuma. (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg - We chat to jazz singer, Judith Sephuma, about her year.

Fans of jazz singer Judith Sephuma are in for a treat this month as she performs at numerous events, including the popular Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Festival on Saturday, September 17. We chatted to her about her year.

Here's what she had to say: 

Congratulations on the SA Music Award for your album One Word earlier this year. How’s 2016 been treating you?

It’s been a great year so far. I’m not complaining. It only made me realise that I still have so much to offer my fans both locally and globally. My album is continuing to surprise me and my team. We are still working hard to get it global. It’s getting there, and five songs on it are getting good airplay, which is great!

You are doing quite a few shows this September, which is great for your many fans. What can they expect?

They can expect re-energised, fun and good arrangements of their favourites.

What do you enjoy most about live

Performing live is never the same. It always takes a lot of preparation and arrangements. It is a whole new experience for me and I hope it is for all my fans.

Many a jazz festival is increasingly including other “non-jazz” genres of music. Do you think this is a good or a bad thing, and why?

To be honest, it is a bit concerning. Certain things should not be diluted. Jazz festivals must remain just that – jazz festivals. Does it matter at all? It bothers me if I get billed on an inappropriate stage for an inappropriate audience. The industry is too vast, so various platforms must be created and developed so that our music gets properly exposed and appreciated.

How would you describe the role of the South African music industry?

We are game-changers. Our sound remains unique with all its tapestries. The exposure and export of our sound and musical culture are very good. But what we need is even more exposure and platforms for the music to be heard, prioritised and given more airplay.

Do you think the SABC’s local quota decision has helped?

It is definitely making a difference to music in general. There are so many great and beautiful artists and songs out there.

What else are you working on this year?

Shows and more shows, and taking music to my fans. And preps for two major recordings next year.

In your long career, you’ve worked with many a talent. Who is still on your wish list?

The legendary Themba Mokoena.

You can follow Sephuma on Twitter @judith_sephuma