7 things only people who don’t watch the Olympics will understand

2016-08-17 13:29
Olympics (Photo: Getty Images)
Matthew McConaughey Actor, Olympics (Photo: Getty Images)

Cape Town – We get it. 

You’re super patriotic and love seeing that Team SA has won gold, silver or bronze in Brazil but you aren’t into watching it on TV or knowing all the details. 

Here are all our feels that might be yours as well: 

1. When everyone's talking about how Team SA looks like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their tracksuits and you're just like:

2. Pretending to get it when people talk about ‘tucks’, ‘somersaults’ ‘rolls’ and ‘landings':

3. When you have no fucking idea of how any of the Olympic heats and finals systems work and are so confused by how an athlete can break a world record and still not get a gold medal because it was in a heat and not a final: 

4. When you aren’t watching the Olympics at all but realise that there are hotties there and try to find a TV:

5. When someone shows you a clip of the amazing synchronised diving last night: 

6. When your bae tries to get you into it, by making you watch: 

7. When someone speaks to you about any sports at all:

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