5 things we discovered about Das Kapital

2016-09-14 17:00


Das Kapital (Photo: Jono Jebus)

Johannesburg – Das Kapital has become a household name in the South African dance music scene. 

On 2 September the DJ released his first compilation album, Das Kapital Presents Overtime, which brings together 15 of the best new recordings from his Do Works Record stable, featuring a cross section of styles and sounds from across the dance music and electronic spectrum in South Africa.  

Pulling him away from his busy schedule, we had some time to sit down with the muso to find out more a little bit more about him.  

Here’s 5 things we discovered. 

1. He has his own label 

In case you missed it, Das Kapital actually has his own record label called Do Work Records, launched in 2013. 

“we started it just because my whole position as an electronic artist in this country, I’m not a conventional South African house artist, or wasn’t maybe at the time. Nor am I so overtly European, or American, or EDM, whatever you wanna call it, in my sound that I necessarily fit in there. So as a young South African there was no real market for my music here. There were no labels that were really ready to just snatch up music.” 

2. He’s launching a sub-label soon 

Das Kapital is planning on starting a new sub-label called, Sebenza, to help promote young local talent. “We have the infrastructure in place, we’re just kind of working on the roll-out,” he says. 

3. His back-up career 

If he was not in music, he would probably have gone into marketing. “I would like to think I would be in marketing. I love advertising, my family has been in it my entire life. I would like to think that if I didn’t do music it would still be something very creative. I would love to dedicate more time to visual arts.” 

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4. He used to collect Pokemon 

Talking about his multitude of tattoos, he says, “This is kind of my style of collecting things. I’ve always been a collector. When I was a kid I used to collect Pokemon. Now I collect a bunch of manga and anime related things, but not to the point that I’m speaking Japanese and being THAT guy with the anime profile pic.” 

5. He would like to win a Sama 

The DJ says winning a Sama is one of the things he would like to achieve in future. 

“I wanna say winning a Sama, but I would like it to be for a project maybe that I do something, let’s say, with a major label and the major label puts me forward and not me. So something that I’m disconnected from and I go, 'Oh shit, I won a Sama'.”