5 things you should know about the Durban July

2016-07-01 13:15
Durban July 2016 (photo credit : screencap vodacom
Durban July 2016 (photo credit : screencap vodacom durban july website)

Cape Town - On Saturday, 2 July Durban’s Greyville racecourse will be lit with a large array of local stars, from house DJ Black Coffee and rapper AKA to veteran DJ Tira, bringing the heat to this coastal city’s winter. 

If you plan on going, or even if you just like to stargaze on TV, here are 5 things to know before you go: 

1. The Theme: 

The theme is Leader of the Pack with Diamonds.This theme refers to playing cards, so it’s includes diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs.  This means that the glitterati will be decked out in all sorts of outlandish outfits. If you plan on going maybe go as The Queen of Hearts or The King of Spades. Whatever you wear, dress comfortably, particularly with comfy shoes and don’t forget to bring a jacket – the weather is predicted to be quite cold. #leaderofthepack

And there's just one day left until raceday! Will we see you there? #VDJ2016 #leaderofthepack #VDJ #vodacomdurbanjuly #durban

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2. What Time?

Gates open at 09:00.

Entrance costs R220.

First race: 11:25.

Main race: 16:20.

Last race: 19:55.

3. The Fashion

Fashion on the Racetrack, presented by Durban Fashion Fair, starts at about 09:30. Be there on time if you want to enter. Here's a look at some fashions: 

4. The Entertainment!

There will be activity on the Action Stage throughout the day so that's the place to be, seeing as though the celeb filled Afrotainment Durban July Marquee where AKA, Black Coffee and DJ Tira will be is sold out. 

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

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5. Take a Bet

If you’re taking a bet, get your bet on early.  Queues can be very long on Vodacom Durban July day and there is nothing worse than picking the winner and not getting your bet on in time.

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