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6 South African celebs and their doubles

2016-05-11 11:40
AKA and Kanye West (Photo: Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – According to theorists, somewhere out there, is at least one person who is a carbon copy of you.

Well, these people may not be #twinning, but we thought it would be pretty cool to make a list of some of our favourite local stars who could easily replace their international rivals.

AKA and Kanye West

Okay, so maybe Kanye does the “Twitter rant” thing more often than our AKA. But other than the occasional, out-of-nowhere, doesn’t-always-make-sense Twitter tantrum, these two are pretty similar. They’ve both got style, money, great music, and loads of… uhm…confidence. What do you think AKA, feel like running for president?

Bonang Matheba and Kim Kardashian

Besides the fact that they’re both involved with rap kings, Queen B* and Kim K do have some things in common, including: a great sense of fashion, make-up that’s always, “on fleek”, and the fact that they’re both walking brands who are rolling in the dough.

Randall Abrahams and Simon Cowell

Come on, we were all thinking it! When South African Idols first aired on our TV screens back in 2002 they needed a local star who could fill the shoes of the UK’s Simon Cowell. Oh what a perfect match they found in Randall!  

Jimmy Nevis and Bruno Mars

With a sultry voice and the ability to write songs that has every girl’s heart melting, it’s no wonder Jimmy Nevis reminds us of Bruno Mars.

Lalla Hirayama and Giuliana Rancic 

Hollywood has become Lalla Hirayama’s playground lately. With the debut of her new show #LalaLand (Check that out here), the gorgeous presenter finds herself in sunny California so often, she may just run into Giuliana herself.

ChianoSky and Jessica Rabbit

Okay, so we know Jessica is a fictional character, but if she were real, Chiano would definitely be her SA double. The sex-appeal that oozes from these ladies (Well, one lady and one cartoon character) is just unreal.

(Photos: Instagram/Gallo Images/Flickr)