6 things you should know about J'Something's new restaurant

2017-02-09 13:16


J'Something (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – Speaking to The Juice about his new restaurant, Something’s Cooking by J, Mi Casa vocalist, J’Something, says it was a decision that arose from an opportunity, adding that he always dreamt of following in the footsteps of his mother and father. 

“Honestly, the reason why I am doing it is because an opportunity arose to work with the same company that brought me to South Africa - Sun International. They offered me the opportunity to work with them and partner with them to create my first restaurant and they have the extensive knowledge and know-how of how this whole thing works,” J told us. 

“So it wasn't really a decision like ‘now I'm gonna open a restaurant’, rather it was something that appeared in front of me, an opportunity that arose, and I jumped on it and now I can't believe it's all happening!” he adds. 

The singer answered some burning questions we had about his new establishment. 

Here are 6 things you should know about J’Something’s restaurant: 

1. When does your place officially open?

"It officially opens, God-willing, on the 31st March / 1st April. Let's see! We are working hard! The whole Sun International team is working hard and making sure that Times Square in Menlyn is open then!"   

2. What’s your favourite thing on the menu?

"Very hard to say! Every single recipe on the menu I have created. Every single dish has got a special memory and special place in my heart. Currently I am obsessed with ramen, which is essentially a bowl of broth with noodles. I am doing a pork belly ramen and the honour behind that dish is that I got to co-create it with Angelo Scirocco who is my favourite South African chef."

"Other favourites... my moms prawns without a doubt! It's a dish that every time I am with my mom it's something that I beg her to make! It's something that I have grown up with and the recipe goes way back! We have got pizzas outside which is going to be an awesome vibe for the deck. I love pizza! I'm obsessed with pizza! Honestly the whole menu, it comes from my home, so these are dishes that I make for my friends and family, dishes that I absolutely love! So every single one of them are my favourite!"


3. Does the restaurant have a theme?

"The restaurant doesn't have a specific theme as per say, it's not a Portuguese restaurant or a Japanese restaurant or a South African restaurant. It is a home away from home! That's the theme for me! It's based around sharing, it's based around getting people to tuck in, so most of the dishes we are looking at not plating them, we are looking at getting stuff on your table and getting everyone involved. The theme is Portuguese rooted, South African upbringing so it has South African influence, and then the one thing that I am really excited about is that it's seasonal change so every 3 months we are going to be looking at changing the menu completely, basing it on latest trends, basing it on my new findings from my travels with my band, basing it on collaborations, that whole menu is going to be changing so it is going to allow us to bring in and out things that we like. For example, I am obsessed with Japanese cuisine so we are going to be having a whole bunch of Japanese influence within the menu for the opening." 

4. Will you be cooking at the restaurant?

"Yeah, I am going to be cooking. I am going to be doing everything! Cooking, cleaning, hosting! Whatever I can do, I'm going to get involved because this is my home and I am here to serve and I am here to be with people and give them an amazing experience and I hope that even when I'm not there that the team can carry the flag and everybody that visits can feel warm and loved and feel appreciated for coming to the place, because really what are we without people?"

5. How affordable will it be?

"I guess that is always debatable. It's not a fine dine restaurant and it's not a grill-house or a burger joint, it's somewhere in-between. A lot of thought and work gets put into making these dishes but I believe that there is something for everyone. Even if you come just to have a little bowl of something, there will be something to fit everybody's budget. It's definitely not a high-end restaurant where you will break the bank drastically."

6. How many people does it seat?

"It's a 140 seater, so it's quite a big size to go for first up, but confident, grateful, thankful, excited, anxious, can't wait open!"