7 best local interviews of 2018

2018-12-24 12:01
Jarrid Geduld as Abie Pakkies. (Photo: Lindsey Appolis)

Cape Town - We've rounded up 7 of the best local interviews of 2018 for you to enjoy!  

From talking to John Kani and Connie Chiume about their roles on the internationally acclaimed Black Panther to a rare tell-all interview with Afrikaans singer Amor Vitonne, The Juice spilled all the tea this year. 

Did you know there is a baby spa dedicated to celebrity babies in Johannesburg? We've got something for everybody!

Pop some popcorn, and get comfortable as we take a look back at the year that was. 

1. WATCH: John Kani and Connie Chiume on Black Panther and what the movie means to them

South Africans were filled with pride to find that a number of local stars would portray characters in Marvel's highly anticipated Black Panther film. 

Speaking to Channel24's Nikita Coetzee, John Kani, who plays the role of King T'Chaka, opened up about what Black Panther means to him and what it will mean for our future generations.

Playing the role of the Mining Tribe Elder, long-time actress Connie Chiume says she was blown away by the support she has received from South Africans.


2. Yvonne Chaka Chaka: 'It's time that we shape the Africa that we want'

Channel24 spoke to South African music veteran Yvonne Chaka Chaka about her humanitarian work, and how the causes close to her heart have influenced her music.  

Known as the "Princess of Africa," Chaka Chaka has not only been at the forefront of African music for close to three decades, she has always demonstrated compassion for others through her humanitarian work.


Yvonne Chaka Chaka

3. Jarrid Geduld on playing Abie Pakkies: 'I've been clean for 10 years and that's why the story is so important to me'

After seeing Jarrid Geduld's evocative portrayal of Abie Pakkies, a role he would go on to win Best Actor for at kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival, it's hard to believe he almost missed out on the once in a lifetime opportunity. 


Jarrid Geduld

4. We talk to Pearl Thusi on the set of Scorpion King: Book of Souls about her fearless new role

South African TV personality Pearl Thusi - who has gone from working on local productions to international projects, says the secret to her success has always been to develop a rich inner-self and keeping her goals private. 

Mamma Pantha, as she is affectionately known to her legion of fans, teams up with Zach McGowan and Mayling Ng for Scorpion King: Book of Souls.


5. Amor Vittone opens up in rare tell-all interview about her kids, struggles and glimpses of happiness

In a rare interview about her private life, local Afrikaans singer Amor Vittone spoke to The Juice about being a mother, the rumours surrounding her relationship with Joost and her new, deeply personal album. 


Amor Vittone

6. WATCH: There's a spa in South Africa just for kids and it has a long list of celebrity clients

If you frequent the social media accounts of local celeb moms, then you must have come across a post dedicated to Life Baby or Life Day Kids Spa at least once.  

Our interests were piqued when we heard about a spa that caters solely to the needs of babies and children. 

7. EXCLUSIVE: Kurt Darren shares photo of his incredible body transformation

Following his dramatic 26kg weight loss, Afrikaans dance music sensation Kurt Darren speaks to Channel24 about his new lease on life, and the positive effect his wellness journey has had on his family and career. 


Kurt Darren

(Photos: Gallo Images, Channel24