7 emojis you're probably using wrong

2016-12-06 19:01


Photo: Pexels

Johannesburg – Backstory: In a group chat containing different people of different age groups, someone shared some terrible news.

Feeling sympathetic, an older gentleman in the group applauded the sad news. Not because he was mean, but because he thought the “applauding emoji” was the “prayer hands.” #Awkward. 

With so many new, complex emojis, and no how-to guide, it’s easy to get confused and use the wrong little yellow face at the wrong time. 

So to help you avoid those awkward situations, here are 7 emojis that you’ve probably been using wrong.

1. The sassy girl

Actually, this emoji is not a sassy girl flipping her hair after a victory, or raising the roof while going, "whoop, whoop!" This is an "information desk person." 

2. The hands on head girl

No, this girl is not so shocked by what you just said that she is clutching her head while exclaiming, "yoh!" Nor is she defending herself from falling debris. This emoji actually means "I'm OK." In deep-sea diving, the hands above the head is a way of signing that you're all good. 

3. Shooting star

If you have ever sent this emoji to someone as a cute way of saying, "you're a star!" what you were actually saying is, "I'm feeling dazed/dizzy." Oops!

4. The sad/crying emoji

Okay, so we know he looks like a sad person shedding a tear, but this emoji actually means that you're feeling sleepy. Yeah, we don't get it either. 

5. Super interested/I just had a brilliant idea emoji

No, this is not the face you make when bae is telling you about their day. It also does not signify you're brilliance after coming up with a stellar idea. This emoji is meant to be someone who is bowing. 

6. Whistling

Before you do something you might regret, you should know that this is not a whistling face. It's a kissing face. Don't send it to someone unless you want to kiss them. 

7. Jazz hands

Admittedly, this one had us stumped too. This handsy emoji is actually supposed to signify a hug, not jazz hands.