7 local celebs share their favourite Christmas memories

2016-12-04 08:01


Liezel van der Westhuizen
Liezel van der Westhuizen (Photo: Supplied)

Cape Town - Our favourite local celebs share their fondest holiday memories with us.

December is officially here and that means Christmas is just around the corner. These celebs shared some of their favourite Christmas memories from Christmas past, and we're feeling all nostalgic. 

Stacey Holland:

My first white Christmas whilst studying in Belgium as an exchange student. It was magical!

Liezel van der Westhuizen:

I love Christmas time and have so many fond memories as a youngster enjoying gifts under the tree and a massive family lunch around the swimming pool.

Anji Woodley:

When my husband, Charl, and I started dating, the first Christmas he spent with my insanely large and crazy family. There were so many of us, it was chaotic and wonderful, presents flying everywhere, hugs, laughs, shouts, tears, dancing, swimming and food. All wrapped up in one glorious day.

Bailey Schneider:

Waking up at the crack of dawn! I would jump out of bed, run into my little sister's room, wake her up and we'd run up to the Christmas tree towering over the gifts. The thrill and delight we felt when we saw the cookie crumbs and half finished milk.

There would also be chewed carrots outside, which we had left for Santa's Reindeer! After that, we would run to our mom and dad's bedroom and wake them up with: "Mom! Dad! Santa came!"

My first and last Christmas as a fiancé! ??????????????

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Robbie Coetzee:

As a kid we usually renovated our home over December, one year we made a huge Christmas bed in the lounge, played board games and stared at the Christmas tree lights. 

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi:

It's my mother's birthday on Christmas day, so one of my very best memories has to be when my nine-year-old (at the time) nephew said a great heart warming and surprisingly eloquent speech that brought us all to tears.

DJ Sox

There isn't one that stands out, because they have all been special. But a special Christmas was when my one sister and her family were here from Greece and the entire family spent the holiday together.